28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 28

6:41 AM – Arise

10:46 AM – fruit medley (apple, strawberry, banana, pineapple)
1:15 PM – 2 Hard boiled eggs, 1 bottled water
4:30 PM – Kale Greens, organic rustic potatoes w/shredded cheddar cheese, rotisserie chicken (leg and thigh), 1 bottled water


8:20 PM – 1 cup of green beans

8:40 PM – banana yogurt and peanut butter smoothie
This is the last day of the challenge!! First of all I’m extactic that I made I without any major hiccups or meltdowns. And anyone who completes this challenge should be extactic as well. Congrats!
I learned some things about myself doing the Challenge
– My food cravings do not rule my life
– I don’t have to eat until my stomach feels like it’s going to explode
– I can turn down fast food.
– I can say no to candy and sweet snacks during the day, at home, and at my job
– I can plan my meals
– Drinking water makes feel better
Hard work and determination bear many good fruits.
Final weigh in 187 lbs. I started out 28 days ago at 203. That’s 15 pounds lost just by eating healthier and thinking about my diet. Losing weight was not a goal. It is simply a by-product of eating healthier (remember between day 14 and day 21 I maintained my weight). It’s about making a conscious effort to change.
I would like to say to anyone who thought they could never change their eating habits, or never lose weight. YOU CAN!!
As you can see I’ve beren though it. I’ve lived it. I hope my journey has shown that anyone can do it. 
If you stumbled across my blog and would like to take the challenge feel free to email me at habitrition@gmail.com for support and with any questions.

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 27

8:17 – Arise

9:45 AM – 3 eggs, red & orange peppers, shredded cheese


10:30 AM – 1 cup of lemon zinger tea
3:20 PM – chili of sorts black beans, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, dark turkey meat, tomato sauce
7:51 PM – Salad – spinach leaves, carrots, orange peppers, red peppers. (Shredded cheese and avocado added later)


9:06 – yogurt banana peanut butter and cinnamon smoothie

This weekend is the first weekend of the challenge that I haven’t been out for meal so far. It has been an easier way to control my food intake. It has kept my carbs and my hunger down. I did not plan for food this weekend so it has been a rough one in that regard. Sometimes I’m even to the point of intense hunger before I know what I want to prepare. Luckily I still have lots of fruits and  vegetables that can hold me off while I’m deciding. I was able to keep the last evening meal until around 9pm. Which is a time that works for me. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. Which is kind of bitter sweet.

Until then
Your Habitritionist

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 26

5:58 – Awaken

7:35 AM – Oatmeal with milk, raisins, cranberries, and cinnamon

10:10 AM – 1 Clementine, 1 bottle of water

12:17 PM – Rotisserie chicken, orange peppers, Peas, Asparagus, Brown Rice, Rice vinegar, minced garlic
4:30 PM – Salad (spinach, orange peppers, carrots, apples, avocado, raisins, sun dried tomatoes, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese)
8:15 PM – 5 oz of chicken breast, 1 huge carrot
9 PM – popcorn 1 bottle of water 
The last weekend of the challenge. I feel as though my life is changing food wise. Choices are easier, turning down items not on the lost is easier as well. I didn’t plan for an evening meal because we were supposed to go support a friends new restaurant. Unfortunately for us bit fortunately for them it was packed (line out the door) so we could not wait. That is the reason for the late and seemingly thrown together meal. It still fit the purpose. But it was more of a ‘food for fuel’ than a ‘fuel for enjoyment’ Maybe tomorrow I’ll have an ‘enjoyment meal’ 
Good day to all 
Your Habitritionist 

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 25

5:58 AM – Out of bed sleepy head

4:17 PM – black beans, golden potatoes, shredded Colby jack cheese and a bottle of water
6:25 Salad (spinach leaves, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, orange peppers, apples, sun dried tomatoes, dried cranberries, avocado, hard boiled egg) and a bottle of water


9:45 PM – yogurt, banana and peanut butter smoothie (w/almond milk)
10:30 PM – Ginger tea w/milk
Around 3:30pm it seemed like everyone was cooking something for snack time at work. Some had kettle corn and someone had something else yummy. Also the chocolate candy was flailing around the office today. Temptation. But it gets easier to turn down. Although, depending on the day and time it’s not THAT easy.
I had the epifany to put a hard boiled egg on my salad. I used to do this all the time but for some reason got away from it. I’m glad to have remembered. Today was a day that prepping became very instrumental. I already had my evening meal prepared an all I had to do was add dressig and a hard boiled egg. It was almost like fast food since I prepared the meal before hand. If you prep as plan it makes eating healthy a lot easier. Especially on those busy days.
Take care
Your Habitritionist


28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 24

7:20 AM – Wake Up

8:30 AM – Oatmeal w/raisins and baked apples with cinnamon


10:30 AM – 2 clementines
12:30 PM – 2 Rice Cakes with guacamole 1 bottle of water
3:20 PM – 1 large banana
6:30 PM – Salad Spinach with roasted turkey meat, avocado, dried cranberries, sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers, orange peppers, celery


1 Bottle of water
10:55 Popcorn
Today I was talking to my wife about the challenge, and she said something profound. Being on the challenge has help her realize how we eat little things that are so processed and packed with empty calories. It’s almost mindless. Snacks on our jobs, pot luck, candy at people’s desks. There is an awareness that comes when you start a challenge like this with food. I am constantly asking myself  What are you eating? What are you drinking? It’s a way to make your food a conscious decision.
Your Habitritionist

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 23

6:40 AM – wake up

9:30 AM – 3 Scrambled Eggs with red peppers and onions covered in shredded cheese


12:30 PM – peas, carrot, & Italian cut green beans


3 PM – 2 Clementines w/bottle water
4:30 PM – 2 whole wheat rice cakes and guacamole


7:15 PM – kale greens, roasted turkey meat, 1 Organic Golden potato
7:45 PM – salad (spinach leaves, orange peppers, celery, cucumbers, baked apples covered in cinnamon, roasted red tomatoes, dried cranberries) Italian dressing
Today I decided to get back into making my quick guacamole. I only use 4 ingredients when I make it. Avocado, garlic, pepper, lime juice. It’s fast and doesn’t involve chopping much. It goes well on salads, omlettes, other meats, and breads. I guess a recipie will be coming soon. The avocado and the dinner salad made my leftovers not seem so repetitive. You can always add a side to leftovers to spice them up.
I’ve been struggling with an after 8PM snack craving. I don’t really need one (by hunger standards) but I want one. So far I just opted of lemon zinger tea with some fresh lemon juiced squeezed in. Hopefully I fall asleep before I get a real hunger craving.
Sleep well
Your Habitritionist

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 22

6:10 AM – wake up
8:06 AM – 2 eggs, shredded cheese
10:42AM – 2 clementines
12:09 PM – black beans and golden potatoes
2:13 PM 3/4 cup of peanuts
4:05 PM 5 baby carrots and a slice of cucumber
7 PM kale, turkey, vegetable dressing and a salad
11:15PM organic yogurt and fruit smoothie (banana, strawberry, & peach)
Today was a big day for me. After standing behind me for three weeks and supporting my Habitrition challenge adventure my wife decided to take up the challenge for herself. I’m really pumped about it. This was her dinner meal


Pretty good huh?!?!
At my weigh in this morning I was 192 lbs. Which is holding steady from last week. I can only be happy about that. Especially since I have not done any extra exercising since the beginning of the challenge. Week 4 here I come!! I declare I will finish strong. Have a great night all.
Your Habitritionist

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 21

6:30 AM – Arise
7:30 AM – 1 Apple
11AM – one Belgium waffle w/banana (yes I totally wiffed on this meal)
3 PM – Kale greens, roasted turkey breast, and home made vegetable (corn bread) dressing, 2 pieces of candied (brown sugar & cinnamon) yams

8:30 PM – two sticks of celery, 2 whole carrots and 2 tbsp of peanut butter
Day 21 of the 28 Day Habitrtion challenge. 3 weeks down!! 1 to go. Today was and exciting day for me because I learned how to cook kale greens. My friend and mentor came over for a God family day. And he taught me how to cook kale, candied yams, and dressing. The dressing (blog coming soon) is more vegetables and no giblets. I’ve never made either dish so I had to try everything so I could compare from here on out. The kale was delicious!! I will probably make it every Sunday. I am so pumped to add three dishes to my recipie. It was a hard day challenge wise becaue there was a lemon pound cake siting in my house for dessert and for breakfast I made banana filled waffles for some of my extended family. By the end of it, I took the easy way out for my breakfast and ate one plain (with out syrup). On the positive note I did have my about 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. I probably broke even today as far as the challenge goes but I’m looking forward until tomorrow. The start of the final week of the challenge. 
Until tomorrow,
Your Habitritionist

28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 20

8 AM – wake up

9:45 AM – Omlette, 5 sausage links, scrambled eggs, breakfast potato chunks. 8 oz of hot water with lemon. 
1 PM – 1 bottle of water
5 PM – fruit and yogurt smoothie

7:30 PM -salad w/chicken breast and 2 tablespoons of Italian dressing 

9 PM – black tea (hot)
11:45 PM – 1 Bottle of water
Today was a run around day. Started with a breakfast meal at a buffet. That was tough. I failed at having a smart portion. At first I had an Omlette with veggies (mushrooms, tomatoes, pica de gallo, peppers and onions). I should have been done with that portion. But I went back for another huge plate of eggs, sausage, and breakfast potatoes. I went to play basketball and had a smoothie of fruit and yogurt. There was about a 6hr break between meals. Probably because I are so much at breakfast and was running around as well. Then I had a dinner at a friends house who made dinner but knew I was on the challenge so dinner was a huge chicken breast with a salad. I appreciate the meal. It tasted so good. Over all it was a challenge starting the day with such a big meal. But I didn’t eat fequently for extra calories. I don’t feel heavy of super full now at the end of the night. Hopefully I’ll have a better day tomorrow. Back to the small frequent meals. 
Have a good night 
Your Habitritionist

Habitrition Tuna

Ive always liked to eat tuna. And I’ve never been one to add a lot if mayo if any. So here is my version of tuna. I like this as a small meal by itself or you can add veggies, crakers, rice cakes, or put it on bread to make it more filling.

1 can of tuna
1 half avocado
1 half lime
1 tablespoon of Italian dressing
2 tablespoons of diced tomatoes
Spices of choice: I use black pepper, cayenne pepper, dill, oregano, basil, sage, marjoram, onion powder, and garlic powder. (I only used garlic and onion powder because I didn’t have time to chop my onion and garlic like normal
Place tuna in a bowl. Mash to your favorite consistency
Add your spices
Mash avocado
Add to tuna
Add tomatoes and juice of half of lime
Mix until all together



Add shredded cheese




If you have anything you like to do with your tuna leave me a comment.